Re: Question about the License

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/04/00

> I was wondering about the money section of the License. If I put
> a page on
> the MUD Website inviting people to become an AllAdvantage
> member, as one of
> our referrals, completely voluntarily. Since they don't actually
> lose money,
> they in fact earn some, but we would receive money by being the referrer.


I think this is a good question,  I'll admit I did this for a while using
AllAdvantage ads on the MUD web-page.  Honestly, I  didn't think it
violated the liscence because the game was still free, not signing up for
AllAdvantage didn't impare game-play in any way, shape, or form.  I think
what the liscence is trying to prohibit is the restricting the game (i.e.
you have to pay $5 to be able to practice) unless you either pay money or
do something (i.e. donate hardware).  Now this was *my* interpretation but
I guess the real question will have to be answered by George and the
CircleMUD lawyers :)


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