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From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 06/01/00

Allan Hangaard wrote:
>     Well I think it's time I get off this list again, heven't been on here
> much more than 3 weeks, and all I see around here is more or less newbie
> coders who wants things done for them... Why at all code a MUD if you don't
> even know C??

Oddly enough this comes in spates, I suspect it's worse now as it's the
end of term in the states.  But yes it's starting to turn into
newbieville.  something I thought that there was a newbie list for (but
then perhaps there's not as many people on that aren't newbies so stuff
drifts onto here.


> joined this list because I was hoping for some serious
> discussion rather than newbie implementors/coders wanting to start off by
> implementing an all new leveling system...

Why not start one up on something, often it just takes someone to start
a discussion off for it to get interesting.  There have been some
interesting ones in the past, mostly about some of the complex parts of
circlemud.  Way's to implement some feature or other.  Often it's a
matter of what gets your interest and you'd like to discuss the idea
with people that know the code.  If it's more how something should
function, less actual design details.  I often just lurk on lists,
sometimes the odd interesting thing does popup.

Chris (who'd recommend lurking, and just deleting the newbie stuff if
you don't have the time for it)

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