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Date: 06/04/00

At 02:51 PM 6/4/00 -0800, you wrote:
> > I was wondering about the money section of the License. If I put
> > a page on
> > the MUD Website inviting people to become an AllAdvantage
> > member, as one of
> > our referrals, completely voluntarily. Since they don't actually
> > lose money,
> > they in fact earn some, but we would receive money by being the referrer.
>I think this is a good question,  I'll admit I did this for a while using
>AllAdvantage ads on the MUD web-page.  Honestly, I  didn't think it
>violated the liscence because the game was still free, not signing up for
>AllAdvantage didn't impare game-play in any way, shape, or form.  I think
>what the liscence is trying to prohibit is the restricting the game (i.e.
>you have to pay $5 to be able to practice) unless you either pay money or
>do something (i.e. donate hardware).  Now this was *my* interpretation but
>I guess the real question will have to be answered by George and the
>CircleMUD lawyers :)
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A website is not an "essential" piece of the MUD. It's not derived from
If it isn't derived from or an essential part of the MUD, then it doesn't
fall under
the CircleMUD license.

Which means... have all the fun you want. Theoretically you could write an
web-client and charge for the use of the client, as long as it's not the
only method
of accessing the MUD and the functionality is the same between the two
(just one is
"easier" to use). This would be skirting the license and some details might
get sticky,
but the base fact is: if it isn't tied to the codebase, it isn't bound by
the license.

After having implemented an auto-copyover system on my CircleMUD (and finally
ironing out the issues with it), I've recently modified my checkpointing
function to use
do_crash_copyover(1) rather than abort();. I am delighted to report that it
beautifully and even lets me know via email (after execl'ing my debugging
shell script)
what function caused the lockup.

If anyone is interested, I will try to provide some type of summary of what
I did, with
appropriate code snippets. Drop me a personal email, but please be
forewarned that
it might take me a bit to get back to you. I'm kinda busy of late...

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