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From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 06/05/00

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>         I have seen on some muds the Dead Flag implemented in a few different ways.  I am currently working
> on implementing the Dead Flag.  Let me explain what it is and then I would love comments from whoever wishes
> to give it.
>         Well, the Dead Flag is given to any PK player that has been killed and their PK flag disappears.  The
> Dead Flag allows them to be able to get their corpse without getting killed by another PK.  However, it is
> currently set up where if they try to kill anything or cast a violent spell, they lose their dead flag and regain their
> PK flag.  One of the reasons why their PK flag disappears is that the cityguard attacks PK players.  I welcome
> any comments that you may have.
Why don't make the cityguard spec proc check for the 'Dead Flag' before striking PKers? This way you don't have
to remove and set the PK flag all the time.
 Also, the implementation of the dead flag allows 'cheating' - you get killed, get the 'dead' flag, go get your stuff from
your corpse, and find someone who you'd like to wipe out and follow your victim around. When your victim is low
on hitpoints/mana etc. you kill and lose your dead flag. An the person in question has no chance of avoiding the
attack, since the dead flag protects you...
Another, in my opinion better, way of implementing the dead flag is as an affection:
- A duration of 15 ticks should allow anyone to get to their corpse.
- The code for removing the affection is already there.
- Cityguards' spec proc just need to check for IS_AFFECTED(tch, AFF_DEAD) to avoid hitting 'dead' people
- You can still remove the flag/affection if the char kills or casts violent spells.


Welcor, Cruelworld

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