Comming Code for Binary

From: Jason Stortz (
Date: 06/05/00

Dear Peers,

I am considering creating a straight forward, step by step insruction guide
to adding things to your binary pfiles.  Of course, for all of you out there
with the ASCII files this really won't affect you.  I am in need of some
help though.  I need help in the form of a proofreader and someone to help
me check it over and test it out.  You see, just because I write something
and it seems obvious and simple to me doesn't mean it is that way for
someone else. =)

So, if anyone here is interested in co-authoring this work by helping me in
this fashion please email me.  I will basically be creating an example where
we add an integer to the pfile, a character string to the pfile and an small
array of a small structures.

a.k.a:  int a
          char test_this[50];
          struct assemblage{
                int b;
                int c;

We will also be going over how to add accessor utilities to these, similar
to GET_GOLD(ch) and others that you are so familiar with, how to initialize
them during character creation and all other manner of necessary

Please understand that this project temporarily is going forward with the
understanding that a pfile wipe will be needed.  This project is large
enough and I do not have time to get into how to create a pfile converter.

Any interested parties please email


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