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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 06/05/00

Actually, there are several ways for pulling this off.  I've created my
plr2() system, in which certain elements of the characters (drawn only
sparsely) are retrieved from a players2 file, which is stored seperately.  I
can perform pwipes of the plr2 stuff whenever, because only non-essential
data is stored there..for example, if I feel the need to wipe the secondary
pfile, players will only notice that among other things, their prompt will
need to be recustomized, and their limbs will return to 100% condition.

I'm still working out the kinks in the system, though.  It's not entirely
user-friendly, and I'm going to have to debug a bit of it some more before I
release it to the FTP.

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Subject: [CIRCLE] Comming Code for Binary

> Dear Peers,
> I am considering creating a straight forward, step by step insruction
> to adding things to your binary pfiles.  Of course, for all of you out
> with the ASCII files this really won't affect you.  I am in need of some
> help though.  I need help in the form of a proofreader and someone to help
> me check it over and test it out.  You see, just because I write something
> and it seems obvious and simple to me doesn't mean it is that way for
> someone else. =)
> So, if anyone here is interested in co-authoring this work by helping me
> this fashion please email me.  I will basically be creating an example
> we add an integer to the pfile, a character string to the pfile and an
> array of a small structures.
> a.k.a:  int a
>           char test_this[50];
>           struct assemblage{
>                 int b;
>                 int c;
>           };
> We will also be going over how to add accessor utilities to these, similar
> to GET_GOLD(ch) and others that you are so familiar with, how to
> them during character creation and all other manner of necessary
> information.
> Please understand that this project temporarily is going forward with the
> understanding that a pfile wipe will be needed.  This project is large
> enough and I do not have time to get into how to create a pfile converter.
> Any interested parties please email
> Thanks,
> Jason
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