Re: Coins

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 06/05/00

i based it on the House save functions so players don't lose they're
equipment in a crash and also they get a special command to view info on
their shop. They can also buy things for free and order the mob to do stuff
(except leave the room of course). There is an extra shop flag which makes
it saved. I'd give you the code, but it was a while back since i coded it
and if i gave it to you, there would most likely be bits missing that i
forgot i put in. It was quite a big job as far as i remember.

When my mud gets fully up and running i'm going to assign a builder to a
player shop zone, it'll be kinda like a market place where players can win
shops in a quest or buy shops (i also made it so players can give shops

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