From: Jason Stortz (
Date: 06/07/00

One of the things I wanted to add (but never did) was a stockade.  A place
where bad players would be blind, deaf, no-move, and dumb (ie couldn't
speak).  Then they can continue to connect to their player but they are
loaded into the stockade immediately and can't dp anything :)  Plus the
stockade was in the middle of town so people could actually 'see' who wwas
in deep doo-doo :)


Well Brian, this is simply FYI on how I did mine.  I have a "jail code"
system where the immortal can "jail <player>" which puts them into a jail in
one of the main town areas on my MUD.  Then, that player is not able to send
tells, but may reply to those sent to him/her.  They are not able to use OOC
channel, or any channel for that matter.  They may use the says command, but
the jail room has no exits so the only people they "could" talk to would be
immortals comming to discuss their sentence or what not with them.  They can
also use the "jail" command which tells them how many ticks are left in
their sentence.  The jail Bill command works if the player is offline, when
they log in, they are transported to their jail cell and I have an online,
Out of Character bulletin board system where a note is posted to that player
stating that they were jailed for whatever reasons, etc, by the immortal
that jailed them.

Players can type who, but in my MUD can only see other players that are in
the same zone as them, I do not allow world wide viewing of who is online.
Anyway, if the character is in jail in their area then they are listed, but
a big yellow JAILED is tagged onto the end of their line in the who listing.

What you are looking for sounds very similar.  Mine is simple, and it works,
but I am sure it could be done a little more elegantly.  We are still
testing this though, and I am not sure all of it will remain as is.

I wish you best of luck.


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