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Date: 06/07/00

Implementer Operation Overlord wrote:

>> > Im in need of an Idea for a security type thing.  I dont like to ban or
>>keep disconnecting just to discourage.. Any ideas?

The most secure thing to do is to cut out the user's site at a firewall
on the server.  You can elect to let that host know that it is being
denied or simply make it look like your server doesn't exist.  This
option is probably preferable if you consider the player some kind of
threat to the MUD, or the box on which it runs.

As long as you run a MUD, in my experience, you will forever have an
occasional player who just won't go by your rules.  The difficulty is
compounded because most halfway-savvy folks have multiple connection
avenues.  So... you either have to deal with their character on the MUD,
or you have to cut them off before they can get there.  If you have an
open "new character" process, the latter option is often the better.
You'll end up noticing and restricting their new locations as they
emerge.  Eventually they will run out of options.  It's either that or
having your administrators be on the lookout for every new character
the troublemaker decides to create.

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