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From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/07/00

How realistic should a MUD be?  I mean should we go to 1 Death and your
character is deleted?  I know MUDs that do that after you reach level 10 so
you have a feel for the MUD first but..  And with hunger and thirst George
hit it on the head when he said players ussually have triggers set up to
'eat bread' (or whatever they have at the moment [my favorite was 'eat
arm'.])  Two ideas here, either take out the messages or take out hunger
and thirst completely (unless IC on an RP MUD [ussually not Circle anyway
then though]).
        Look at any Base-Circle MUD (or any MUD for that purpose)and you can see
realism is not really implemented.. Mobs regen after 5-10 minutes, weapons
that do 200000 damage on the average, people with 200000000000 hit point (I
mean come on how many whacks from a sword do you think you could really
with-stand if you were naked?)  The shops come into it too, no store has an
unlimited supply of amor on weapoons or whatever they are selling, from
time to time they 'sell out' and you have to come back later instead.
        So how realistic should we go?  Or should we leave it up to our players to
choose how they like their MUDs?


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