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Date: 06/11/00

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From: Brian Hartvigsen <hartvigsen@GCI.NET>
> The only thing I can come up with is does it check thier entire invetory
> or would they have a 'special' slot just fro food/water items?  (Casue
> if it checks their entire inventory what happens when they put in in a
> bag within a bag within a bag ect)

Do a search for instances of lists (hint:  look for "carrying," "contains"
and "next_content" and then see how "get_obj_in_list_vis" works.  You can
easily concoct nested loops to check each object in the inventory to see if
it's food, beverage, or either type of container.  Then you can run your
modified do_eat and do_drink functions.  The only inherent problem I see
with this, is that it will entirely take away the player's choice in
deciding which items he eats and drinks.  The ramifications can range from
accidentally eating poisoned food, drinking slime, etc.  You'd have to put a
lot of logic checks in there and redo how you flag food.  But it can be

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