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From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/11/00

> Actually, I find eating and drinking VERY important - it limits
> how far most
> characters can travel alone in the wilderness.  I think it would
> be better
> if the MUD would automatically eat and drink and just warn you if you got
> low on supplies - this way you have to buy the supplies and
> worry about the
> weight, just don't worry about the details of eating it.

I think that would be a sweet idea to implement.  The only thing I can come
up with is does it check thier entire invetory or would they have a
'special' slot just fro food/water items?  (Casue if it checks their entire
inventory what happens when they put in in a bag within a bag within a bag
ect)  As to making it more realistic in gameplay I think it would.  We all
eat or drink and we all know we need food/water, but if we don't bother
them with the need to type an extra command ever couple fo minutes then why
do it?
        I think I'm going to look into a way for doing this for my MUD though :)
Thanx for the idea :)


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