Re: [NEWBIE] problems with remort and ascii pfiles

From: Glover, Rick I. (
Date: 06/08/00

I'm not very familiar with ascii pfiles, but I'm pretty sure you need to use
scanf() in there.  You have to use scanf() to grab the value of num from the
file.  Look at the other ascii pfile entries to see how they grab numerical
values and copy that method.

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Subject: [CIRCLE] [NEWBIE] problems with remort and ascii pfiles

We have recently installed ascii Pfiles, after doing
so we installed
remort. We modified remort snippet to use the ascii
pfile system.

We use:

GET_REMORT(ch) = num;
(ch)->player.was_class = num;
/* The above line is just to make check if GET_REMORT
is working */

GET_REMORT_TWO(ch) = num;
(ch)->player.was_class1 = num;

(ch)->player.was_class2 = num;

to load remort.


fbprintf(fl, "Rem1: %d\n", GET_REMORT(ch));
fbprintf(fl, "Rem2: %d\n", GET_REMORT_TWO(ch));
fbprintf(fl, "Rem3: %d\n", GET_REMORT_THREE(ch));

to save.

The problem is no matter what we set remort to (using
the set command)
returns to 0. and the pfiles always have
Rem1: 0
Rem2: 0
...and so on.

Im sure the answer is obvious but im just not seeing
Can anyone help?

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