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From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/08/00

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> Well Brian, this is simply FYI on how I did mine.  I have a "jail code"
> What you are looking for sounds very similar.  Mine is simple,
> and it works, but I am sure it could be done a little
> more elegantly.

I did have a jail code but I wanted my players to be on 'display' if they
broke the rules :)  Most Jail codes don't take away the possiblilty to move
so what you might find is some one teleporting someone out of the jail or
something and then they are free to roam the MUD.  That's when I came up
with the idea of the stockades.  I don't think it would take much to change
a jail code to a stockade code but I never did try and if I did it now it
would be on my MUD and all I could give Circle would be psuedo code :)

Message 2 Reply:
>Thats also a very good Idea, but I would allow them to talk *grin*

Our idea was to give them access to say channel so they could talk but not
globaly, clanly, or anything like it. (So they didn't spam the channels.)
So I guess they weren't completely speechless but bad enough where they
won't be talking to many people.

On the Break-out part, we have an Immortal who had the same idea.  He
wanted me to pout an executioner in the room so if you tried to break
someone out (which would be possible in like 1 in a bazillion times) he
would 'subdue' (slay to 1 hp, 1 ma, 1 mv) you and the person you were
attempting ot free and then you were put in the stockade for 1/2 a mud day
(You tag would be like BREAK OUT instead of JAILED or something like that)
Then agian this is the same guy who wanted us to change slay (our slay
deleted a character) so it left the players head that we would make NO_TAKE
and then put them in the Market Square or in the Stockades..  Heh heh..


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