NEWBIE: (FAQ read, NOT working) mud shuts down when you disconnect from server!

From: Paul Tidwell (
Date: 06/08/00

Ok i recently bought a server ( to set up the mud and all. my
code is patched everythings working fine, except i had to make modifications
to the code and then i recompiled it and autran it, when i disconnected the
mud came down. so i talked to my friends and one linked me to the faq.. So i
read to type nohup autroun.
Except that i've got to specify a PORT because the default port sucks and
that with the shell that i've got just typing out the file name doesn't run
it, so I have to type bin/circle 9999 whenever i wanna boot up, so logically
knowing this, I tried, nohup bin/circle 9999, it got up,  i logged off, the
mud comes down. so this obivously doesn't work. i've tried bin/circle nohup
9999 which didn't work either. it writes to nohup.out everything that goes
wrong but its mostly "command not found" so if you could help it would be
greatly useful

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