Re: NEWBIE: (FAQ read, NOT working) mud shut s down when you disconnect from server!

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Date: 06/08/00

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> you disconnect from server!
> Ok i recently bought a server ( to set up the
> mud and all. my
> code is patched everything's working fine, except I had to
> make modifications
> to the code and then I recompiled it and autran it, when I
> disconnected the
> mud came down.


> I tried, nohup bin/circle 9999, it got up,  i
> logged off, the
> mud comes down. so this obviously doesn't work. I've tried
> bin/circle nohup
> 9999 which didn't work either. it writes to nohup.out
> everything that goes
> wrong but its mostly "command not found" so if you could help
> it would be
> greatly useful

I'm assuming you're on some *NIX OS because you used '/' in your command
line.  Although you don't mention what OS you're running on, it looks like
you probably need to start the process in the background (this is part of
*NIX OSes, but I'm not sure what, if anything, Windows does to handle this,
or if it is even an issue).  Starting a process in the background will allow
it to keep running when you exit the terminal session from which you
initially executed the command.  Typically, adding "&" to the end of the
command will tell the shell to execute the process in the background.  For
instance, typing "autorun &" at the command prompt is what I typically use
to start up my mud.

Put another way, your system appears to be interpreting the circle process
as a "child" of your terminal session process, the "parent".  The system is
"cleaning up" child processes when the parent terminates.  Note to UNIX
people out there: yes, I know this is a very loose description of how
processes interact.

If starting up in the background seems to work for you, I would suggest you
determine which port you wish to use, modify your autorun script, and start
up your mud as shown above.

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