Re: [NEWBIE] What is a good color code

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 06/10/00

--I moved the messages around for more sense :) --
> > I am trying to find a color code. But there are few choices:
> > EasyColor v2.2,
> > Circle Color, etc. Can anyone suggest one?
> As for me, I'm going to rip code from various different color patches
> for what I want, or just write my own. I dunno yet.

I would go with Axiem and write y own if I were in your shoes (rip the
other codes to see how they work), but here is some more info.  I tried
adding some of the color codes off the FTP site into my bpl15 (and 16)
CircleMUD a while back, though they patched in fine there were some serious
problems (I don't remember quite what they were but..)  All I can say is
too research *a lot* and then write your own..


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