From: Nathaniel White (
Date: 06/11/00

Has anyone ever had a problem with [OLC]'s SEDIT. whenever i use it, it
crashes the mud.
If it cannot be fixed, then please tell me where the doc is or mail me the
info, on adding them
in manually. i have circle30bpl15 w/ OLCv2.0. All the original zones except
0 and 12, have been
removed, and new areas are being built. all commands of OLC work except
sedit, works fine
until exiting sedit. Crashing the mud. please help me. I've spent alot of
time figuring out most of
the coding on my own, but this puzzles me.

Hey, check out some funny pictures, jokes and games. I laughed so hard hwile
drinking, and also had it come out my nose.

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