Re: [NEWBIE] Socials & Help

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 06/12/00

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Chris Fischer wrote:

> send_to_char("List of socials: Hug Kiss Smile Bow etc...\r\n",
> ch); } Or what? Thanks!
Ehem.. what's wrong with the socials command, from interpreter.c:
 { "socials"  , POS_DEAD    , do_commands , 0, SCMD_SOCIALS },
his is from a bpl17, but I'm pretty sure that it has been like that ever
since way back.. whoo.. :))

Cool Socials? hm.. We have up some time ago on that account figuring that
our players are prolly a great deal better at inventing stuff like that
than we were. So we asked our players to come up with socials they'd like
to see in the mud. It worked, we got some new socials, and everyone were
happy! :)


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