Re: [NEWBIE] Socials & Help

From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 06/12/00

> Cool Socials? hm.. We have up some time ago on that account figuring that
> our players are prolly a great deal better at inventing stuff like that
> than we were. So we asked our players to come up with socials they'd like
> to see in the mud. It worked, we got some new socials, and everyone were
> happy! :)

I agree.  We have one person on our mud cleverly designated as the "Head
Socialist" :) who's job it is to create the new socials suggested by the
players.  I even went so far as to create a command called 'socidea' to log
suggestions from players; I merely added a case to the do_gen_write command
(the one the 'bug' and 'idea' commands run off of )and provided the rest of
the code that that function requires.  (As time has passed I've also added
more commands to this function to log my todo list and a list of jobs I've
completed, so that my staff always knows what's on my plate and what's been
done, so it's a handy little bit 'o code)  In general, the more your players
have control of their environment in a positive way, the more happy they'll
be.  My two cents.

Josh Anderson

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