Re: OasisOLCv2.0-bpl17.tar.gz deadlink?

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 06/12/00


> I am thinking maybe Caniffe didn't fix all the problems yet, or the slim
> possibility that I am doing something wrong (maybe not so slim), but you
> should definately check it out since I am almost certain it will not compile
> cleanly, or at all in my case.

I'm also thinking that, but I'm thinking that my Linux system deserves a kick
in the tail - the "new" version was actually tested and worked fine here - the
patch and files were spawned from that.   In the event though that the archives
got mixed and the dodgy version somehow propogated itself back into CircleFTP,
then accept my apologies.

Go download Patrick's version from CircleFTP, link located below:

My apologies to all affected by whatever happened to my initial (and seemingly,
subsequent) releases.  How damn weird.


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