Looking for a few good (wo)men!

From: Eric Wescott (ejwescott@students.wisc.edu)
Date: 06/12/00

I'm looking to embark on a new mud project (specifically using circlemud)
and looking for some help. I'm looking specifically for people who are
farmilar with circlemud and have been playing/building for circlemud muds
for quite some time. I would like to do most if not all the coding myself
but if you have the nack for circlemud code and looking for a project any
help you could offer would be great. Basically what I would like to do now
is get together (irc or something) and toss out some ideas. So if you're
interested in forming a group to create a really kickass mud please send me
an email. I haven't really spent time on a mud or working on a mud in some
time now (couple years) and I think it's time I've gotten back.


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