FTP Updates

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 06/13/00

There have been several updates to the FTP site this morning that
some people may be interested in.  The relevant chunks of the
Changes file are pasted below for your information.

Of special note is 'gpatch2b.zip' and its associated README file
which contains a port (and compiled version) of GNU's patch
program for Win9x/WinNT systems.

June 13, 2000 -- Alex
        assemblies.patch.gz             (Added)
        assemblies.README               (Added)
        coins.tar.gz                    (Added)
        coins.README                    (Added)
        weapon_prof2.txt                (Added)
        zdelete.txt                     (Added)
        circle30bpl17+binary.tar.gz     (Added)
        circle30bpl17+binary.README     (Added)
        circle30bpl17-win32-bin-only.zip        (Added)
        circle30bpl17-win32-bin-only.README     (Added)
        gpatch2b.zip                    (Added)
        gpatch2b.README                 (Added)

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