Re: CircleMud Patch level 17 [BUG]

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 06/14/00

Jeremy Maloney wrote:
> Hello all, anyone know  if someone has posted a quick fix or
> patch for the do_say problem on the newest release?
> If you try typing say, it's group saying..  *boggle*
> Strange indeed, probably an easy fix and all, but I figure
> what the heck, I'll ask to see if anyone has the fix for it.

Why is there an assumption that there's a bug in bpl17?  I've not seen
this problem, although I do run a fairly heavily modified circle, but
I'd have assumed that others would have pointed it out (And I'd be
surprised if say isn't something that's checked before a release).

Have you checked your interpreter table is correct?  Have you checked
your do_say is doing the right thing?  Are you/have you tried running
stock bpl17, and checked if that's got the same bug? If it's not then
it's something in your mud.

Someone else has suggested it's Oasis, I would be very surprised if that
actually goes near do_say though.


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