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From: Pure Krome (
Date: 06/14/00 accidently emailed this to me, instead to the thread, so
i've posted his thoughts here =)

[i hate it when i reply to the author, not to the list also =P  ]

 I was just in the process of changing over coins to an obj type.. I
already had 5 coin types (platinum, gold, electrum, silver, copper.. old
style :P) and was changing weight of objects, but not players, to a float
value... I figured it was more important to be down to the decimal on object
weight, such as a 0.2 pound robe for a monk or something, rather than a
pound ogre... anyway, what I hadn't thought of is the fact that the coins
would build up in the player file.. the way I was going to do it was rather
than have ITEM_COIN have 4 values for copper, etc.. but rather have 1 value
for the overall value of the coin.  For example, 1 platinum would be 500, 1
gold 100, 1 electrum 50, 1 silver 10, 1 copper = 1... then have the
using the coins figure the rest out.. then maybe to solve the multiple item
problem, have the give_coins_to_char function take all the coins of the
player and dump them into 1 pile with a value accumulative of all the other
coins.  The platinum would have to be bunched together, and so on, or else
your 200 silver might suddenly be transformed into 4 platinum... anyway, I'm
not quite done with the shift, so your thoughts on this would be


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