[Code][Long] Coins Snippet -> thoughts about it.

From: Pure Krome (pure@bluep.com)
Date: 06/14/00

Hi All.

This email covers the following topics:
o Coins being an OBJ rather than a *slot* in the char_data
o Coin weight
o Objsave files and coins

It was inspired after i had a quick skimmer over the coins snipper found on
the circlemud ftp site.

    I was just reading through the coins snippet on ftp site, and noticed
<snip from coins.patch>

In Structs.h
change some of the spares in rent_info to the following:
   int plat;
   int silver;
   int copper;

in char_point_data change the following:
-   int money;
+   int money[4];    /* Four coin types: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper */

<end snip>

PS. Maybe make it int money[NUM_MONEY_TYPES]; so it becomes more robust in
da future.

I have yet to read through the rest, but what are other peoples thoughts
about NOT making the structure of the player (char_data) hold the coins
info, but coins are of an OBJ TYPE?

eg. v0 == exchange type 1, v1 == exc. type 2, etc..
ie. v0 == copper, v1 == silver, v2 == gold, v3 == platinum
OR for other muds...
v0 == 1cent coin, v1= 10 cent coin v2 == 1 dollar coin / note, v3 = 10
dollar coin / note

you get the drift.

then, coins could have weight....... and then again, the inventory could
list 1000 lines saying
a copper coin
a gold coin

unless you have your code changed...
[1000] a copper coin

Then again, u would have an exception in the DO_INVENTORY command so it
doesn't like OBJ_MONEY =)

but then weight would have to be changed, yes? currently it is.. hmm

*checks code*

/* ================== Memory Structure for Objects ==================  */
struct obj_flag_data {
int weight;           /* Weight what else                    */

so either i should check for all places where OBJ WEIGHT is checked (eg.
inventory - how much can be held, etc) becuase a coin is not of weight == 1
== 1 lbs?
it would be much light, so i would either change weight to a float or 1
weight == .001 lbs

or something like that.

Bascically -> to have coins as an object --WHICH HAS WEIGHT--, then the
current weight system needs to be modifed and existing objects need to be
updated to co-inside with the new weight system.

Also, you would need to consider if coin weight is an issue -> do u like
players running around with 100,000 gold coins?  [I HATE IT - but that's me]

And the last note, which ties into using INVENTORY problem listed above, if
i have 1000 coins in my inventory (even though i do not see them because of
the exception), then what would the players object save file look like??
pretty big, yes?

Hmmm .. so it does look like making coins of type OBJ_MONEY not necessarily
the best thing out....

But i could be mistaken and proven wrong.  It does restrict money to 4 types
(v0->v3) or does it????

Some thoughts would be nice from fellow circ programmers please.


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