Re: Bombs away [Siteless - Again]

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Date: 06/15/00

I'm sorry if I offended you, that wasn't my goal. I was just kind of
suprised that you have never tried to run your own MUD even after all of
that playing. If you ask me, you should be well ready to take the next step
and try to work on your own. Especially if you have been dedicated enough to
stay involved with playing the games for all that time. This is no way means
you have to, or anything like that. I was simply thinking, hmm why not? As
for offering your system for someone else's use, I think thats quite nice of
you and I wasn't trying to imply that you should apologize for anything.

If you really do want to make your own MUD, just go for it. Don't feel you
aren't qualified, you have to learn somehow. That was really the point of my


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> > This post just seems kind of weird, if not bizarre.
> Strange enough i expected my post to be interesting...
> MUDs were alive half a decade earlier than 1987, and especially in BBS
> environments MUDS or MUD-like environments were very popular. I have
> coded a MUD in my BBSing days, which involved strategy as well as
> role-playing.
> I also used to run an INTRANET MUD  a few years ago, but for the reasons i
> mentioned before i never went "internet".
> Anyway, i do not think i should apologize to you just for offering
> my server.
> Stef.
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