Bombs away [Siteless - Again]

From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 06/14/00

Hello folks, some of you may or may not remember me from way back,
regardless, I've been working with a kind hearted guy who had
our Mud set up on his machine. Unfortunately the greed and corrupt
Internet Service provider claimed that he was running a commercial
site for Muds and shut him down, so I as well as several others
who were beginning new projects, lost their homes..  It really ticked
me off that the ISP could get away with claiming that, since really
he wasn't charging anything for our usage of his machine. Anyhow,
if anyone has room for a mud on their site or knows of free site,
I'm more than interested. I do not want to invest money into a mud site
for a mud that's just beginning development, I've been burned too
many times before like that. After the development is finished and
we have a stable base and a competent staff again, then I'll be more
than happy to bounce on over to a pay site.

If anyone has any info, give me a holler.
Riodan aka Jeremy

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