Re: Bombs away [Siteless - Again]

From: Michael Fara (
Date: 06/15/00

You are talking nonsense. If you have really been playing MUDs since 1987
(somehow I find this hard to swallow. Wasn't that before Zork even came
out?), I would have to say that you should be well qualified, if not an
expert at the gaming aspect of MUDs in general. Even if you knew nothing
about C programming, you should still be able to take the simple steps at
starting to learn how to develop your own (assuming you have not already
fantasized in detail about how to do it for the past 13 years). This post
just seems kind of weird, if not bizarre.

Surely someone who has been playing MUDs for that long (did they even exist
that long ago??) would not need to be asking questions about MUD/Windows
compatibility ?? Sorry to question the integrity of your message, it just
seems quite unusual given the information you have eluded to...

In response anyway, I'm not sure why anyone would want to develop a serious
production MUD under Windows, as it probably would not be very stable
without lots of special configuration (if we are talking NT here, if talking
about 95 or 98: forget about the idea) so that it does not crash like it
normally does... plus the hassle with compiling etc in that kind of
environment seems just too much. The easiest thing to do would probably be
to make a totally new MUD from the ground up as to assure it is as stable as
possible in NT. Of course that is a monumental task for a single programmer,
so good luck to anyone who has chosen that road.


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> Hello there!
> I was concidering setting up a mud on my own. I have played MUDs since
> but that is far away from being a MUD operator. Needs more commitment & a
> far better C programming knowledge than mine.
> So, i would gladly host your MUD on my system (PIII 500 on a dedicated
> line (soon to become 1M). I don't care about fees or whatever.
> One small problem. The system is running Windows... Will that do?
> Stef.
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