Re: Bombs away [Siteless - Again]

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 06/15/00

Michael Fara wrote:
> You are talking nonsense. If you have really been playing MUDs since 1987
> (somehow I find this hard to swallow. Wasn't that before Zork even came
> out?), I would have to say that you should be well qualified, if not an
> expert at the gaming aspect of MUDs in general. Even if you knew nothing
> about C programming, you should still be able to take the simple steps at
> starting to learn how to develop your own (assuming you have not already
> fantasized in detail about how to do it for the past 13 years). This post
> just seems kind of weird, if not bizarre.

I believe that the MUD (yep a mud called MUD) was started in 1979, 8
years earlier than the above date, just cos the internet isn't that old
there were network's before that, eg arpanet, but MUD was just before

If you want a bit more history see:

If you really want to find out more see the mud-dev FAQ:


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