Re: [RP] Rent system in the MUD

From: Jeremy Maloney (
Date: 06/17/00

That's always an age old question, to have Rent, or not to have
Rent... This is my opinion on Rent in general, I personally dislike
rent code, and rent in general. Especially on a Roleplaying Mud.
Rent atleast to me is somewhat pointless unless you plan on putting
to use an extreme amount of OOC (Out of Character) shops and focussing
on a monetary system. When I put together a Mud project that is
focussing primarily on Rp and not Hack and slash, I tend to eliminate
rent because really it's not needed. I focus on removing alot of the
hack and slash skills, spells, etc, and spend my time trying to
incorporate only the needed items, like guild code, rp skills and spells,
and things of that nature.

Alot of people have eliminated Rent from their games, and some still have
it, it's really up to you as to what you want to do.

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