Re: Gate spell [CODE]

From: Mysidia (
Date: 06/18/00

On Sun, 18 Jun 2000, Del wrote:

    Or you could just set a timer in tics on both objects at creation with
the handy GET_OBJ_TIMER() macro -- but then you would probably want to special-
case the message for a 'decaying' portal in limits.c and cause creating a
new gate to close any they already have open.


> Problem is:
> When cast, the portal can be kept there indefinite. Meaning it will
> remain until the caster steps through.
> My suggestion, is to let it remain a few ticks, and then let it fade.
> Otherwise, your players will cast it
> and never walk through it.
> Send the cleric through and summon the Sorcerer (or whom ever cast it).
> My suggestion is to either leave it the way it is, or only allow the
> caster to walk through.

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