Re: Dg-Scripting

From: Del (
Date: 06/18/00

Using scripting, you can just check for various variables.
Like hometown recalls, recall midgaard would return them to midgaard
or recall new thalos for temple of new thalos.
Or if you want specific keywords for certain rooms.
Those are fairly easy to add in, check dg_scripts home page for
Also check the archive as I think it has been discussed before
on how to transport players.

Jeremy Maloney wrote:
> Heya all, I've got an interesting dg-scripting problem, if you can call
> it a problem, I'm trying to set it up so that by creating an object called
> an interdimensional transporter, players can take a look at the object
> and get the appropriate sequence of numbers ie.. they type a go100, go200,
> etc etc and hit return. When they do the object transfers the player
> to the destination.

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