Re: Gate spell [CODE]

From: Del (
Date: 06/18/00

Problem is:
When cast, the portal can be kept there indefinite. Meaning it will
remain until the caster steps through.

My suggestion, is to let it remain a few ticks, and then let it fade.
Otherwise, your players will cast it
and never walk through it.
Send the cleric through and summon the Sorcerer (or whom ever cast it).

My suggestion is to either leave it the way it is, or only allow the
caster to walk through.

Thomas Arp wrote:
> and in do_enter, where you let people go through the portal (we were asked for an idea  - an idea, not code, is given):
> 1. if the person entering is the caster (check on GET_IDNUM()):
> 2. search the target room for the corresponding (return)portal (can be recognized since it leads to ch->in_room && has GET_IDNUM(ch) set as value 3.
>  when found, first move the char, then either set GET_OBJ_TIMER() to 0, or extract_obj() right away for both of the portals.
> You might even want to send a message to the room, like 'As <whoever> enters the gate a large flash blinds you momentarily. When you are able to see again, the gate has disappeared.' :P
> This should work, because GET_IDNUM() is unique. However, it is also PC only, and needs a !IS_NPC() check every time you use it.

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