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From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 06/19/00

At 06:11 PM 6/19/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Jeremy Maloney wrote ORIGINALY:
>> Hey all, I'm still after several months fiddling with this damnable
>> gate spell I coded in and I need an idea as to what to put in to
>> remove or purge the gate once you enter it. Mind you this is a spell.
>> The primary function of the spell is of course to open a gate to a
>> location and then after those who want to enter, enter the gate,
>> and the caster steps through, the gate should immediately vanish.
>Hence I went on that basis, and my statements stand. I recommend not
>making the
>portal disappear when the caster steps through. The caster will
>never step through the portal, defeating the purpose.

  Why not allow only a certain amount of people to step through the portal,
depending the power/level of the castor?  So say a level 5 castor would
only be able to create a portal able to withstand one char entering, while
a level 30 castor would be able to create a portal for 10 entrances?
Level/power could also affect how long the portal lasts, also as each char
walks through GET_TIMER is decreased as well.


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