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From: Jason Stortz (
Date: 06/19/00

On Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 11:40:33AM -0600, Clifford Dutka wrote:
> okay I ask a simple question in fact of been programming for 17 years in
> almost any and every major launguage and have read and programed in sever
> different c programs and enviroments (OS) so please dont tell me what I
> should do and just give me a little help this is what the list is for

Then Oleg Wrote:
        And after all that you can't find where to make TRIVIAL
        change to default value of variable?

Hey Oleg, got anything better to do than be a jerk?  Why do you even bother
to send this in?  "WHAT? And after all that you can't find where...blah
Get over it, if you can't offer him some constructive advice then don't send
anything at all.  You all need to calm down and get a grip.  Do any of the
rest of you see this?  More often than not there are a lot of people that
send in dumb questions or things you may think are easy.  Obviously they DO
NOT think that way or they wouldn't have had to seek your advice.  Thanks to
Oleg here I don't know why people even come to this listing for help when
they get crap like this sent in reply.  What a waste of all our time and

Was my reply a waste of time?  Yes, in my mind.  Someone, however, had to
point this out and tell you all to stop sending replies like this.  If you
can't just offer some real useable advice just don't send anything.

P.S. "You all" are the people that send this stuff.  I actually began this
note with intent to put names down of some people I've seen make AWESOME
contributions.  Can't though, there are a lot of "You all contribution
people" that rock.  KEEP IT UP.  For the rest of you, and if you've sent a
reply like this you know who you are, just DON'T!


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