Re: stats limit

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

> after fiddling around for a long while with the code, I noticed new
> players all of a sudden can get 25 in one or more stats if they have a
> lucky roll. I figured I must have changed something by mistake. I looked
> through the roll_real_abils() function, but it is left untouched. any
> ideas what I need to change in order to limit these to 18 again? and how
> come they either roll <= 18 or 25 and never nothing between 19-24?  --

        Just a guess, did you add races, and things like positive and
negative modifiers?  Are you sure that it's on roll, and not the stacking
ability of spells you may have added (i've had complaints on one mud that
stats were wrapping to the negatives because they had gone so high from
spells).  If you changed something by mistake, can't you single step
through the code and see where the problem is?

        Try running the code while in a debugger.  Try adding logging
messages.  Ask the players if they did anything new.  Debug the problem,
in short.


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