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From: Damian Jurzysta (
Date: 06/20/00

Hello Patrick.

On 20-Jun-00, you wrote:

PD>> after fiddling around for a long while with the code, I noticed new
PD>> players all of a sudden can get 25 in one or more stats if they have a
PD>> lucky roll. I figured I must have changed something by mistake. I looked
PD>> through the roll_real_abils() function, but it is left untouched. any
PD>> ideas what I need to change in order to limit these to 18 again? and how
PD>> come they either roll <= 18 or 25 and never nothing between 19-24?  --
PD>        Just a guess, did you add races, and things like positive and
PD> negative modifiers?  Are you sure that it's on roll, and not the stacking
PD> ability of spells you may have added (i've had complaints on one mud that
PD> stats were wrapping to the negatives because they had gone so high from
PD> spells).  If you changed something by mistake, can't you single step
PD> through the code and see where the problem is?

I have had races for a long time now, modifiers havent changed, and the
characters I have created are not affected by any spells. single stepping
through the code doesnt help me very much, I still dont know what causes the
stats to jump up to 25 but not 19, 20, 21 etc.

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