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From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 06/20/00

Q1: ....
Finally, discussions on the use of the English language are no longer
welcome (ditto for calling people Hitler), and these 'offenses' will
result a removal from the list with a piece of form mail explaining why.

*waves goodbye to PjD*


Seriously though . . . (sort of)

Perhaps a proviso needed here somewhere?
"Any poster exhibiting trollish behaviour is considered an open target."

Was that a deliberate mis-spelling of "sentence", Patrick? Woops.


The STL . . . I haven't seen it discussed much here.
I've been fiddling around with a chat server I'm writing in Perl, and keep
wishing for ways to shove elements onto the end of arrays, hashes and
regexps when coding on my MUD. Never took it much further because I'm
lazy. However, a long-buried memory of a few classes on the Standard
Template Library surfaced, and I realise that vectors and maps could be
extremely powerful in this sort of context.

Is anyone using the STL out there? If so, is it useful enough to you that
it could be worked into the standard distribution? ;-)

Not a huge issue, I'm not going to migrate to the latest patch level
anyway, most likely, just curious as to whether there are considerations
I'm not aware of that would negate the usefulness.



On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Angus Mezick wrote:

> A section of the list FAQ for everyone participating in a flame war, esp
> you Patrick, you should know better:
> Q7: What other things should I know?
>           <...SNIP...>
>      If you still must make an offtopic posting to the list, at least
>       include an 'ObCircle:' section containing something related to
>        CircleMUD. This means 'Obligatory CircleMUD Related Section'.
>           <...SNIP...>
> Patrick Dughi wrote:
> >
> >         My head hurts.
> >
> <Rest of a very nice comentary deleted>

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