Re: Zone resets

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

> > > If you want more bang for the buck, switch out room and mob long
> descriptions.
> > > That's where most of your memory will be recovered, and you don't
> generally
> > > search descriptions anyway.
> > >
> >         Another teriffic idea.  I'll have to see how this works - though,
> > aren't mob long descs still just pointes to the original string?
> Right.  It may not be a great deal of savings in mobs, but in my experience a
> very large percentage of memory is taken up by room descriptions.  If you
> assume each zone has roughly 60-100 rooms and 15-30 mob prototypes, the protos
> could also take up a good bit of memory.  Your builders probably don't
> describe the mobs in as much detail as the rooms, but given a base set of
> generic swithing functions, it may be worthwhile to add mob descriptions.

        The rooms came out to a savings of around 5 megs actually (for
around 10K rooms).  Our help files were almost as much too - time to
figure out how to keep those guys offline; gee databases are neat.


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