Zone resets

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

        I have recently begun seriously looking at a system of swapping
zones out of memory when not in use.  This does raise a number of issues

        - zone resets; i don't want to force a zone through _x_ resets and
_y_ mob_activity turns each time they return to active status.  However,
if I don't, things from spec_procs, mob_progs, or simple random
distribution of mobs (wanderers) will be messed up.  I could just reset
the zone once and give it a number of mob turns, which would get most of
it running.  Wouldn't exactly be true to form though.

        - commands which depend upon a mob/obj/room's existance.  goto,
where, and locate being forefront in my mind.  How could you tell that the
silvery shield was held by the grey warrior unless I loaded every zone
into memory, ran though the zone reset, and then looked for it?

        - ? something else i've missed perhaps?

        I'm sure someone else has had to deal with this before; how have
you handled it, or how do you think it should be handled?


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