Re: [CODE]

From: Clifford Dutka (
Date: 06/20/00

I just cuaght this msg and yes this is happening alot but with me it aint
question that I couldnt figure out by myself it that since I couldnt find
any good clan or guild system I got to program them both and with finals
being done this week I got alot to do so little simple things that I dont
find the solution to in like 5 min I ask and leave so I dont waste too much

> On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Jason Stortz wrote:
> >Hey Oleg, got anything better to do than be a jerk?  Why do you even
> >bother to send this in?  "WHAT? And after all that you can't find
> >where...blah blah." Get over it, if you can't offer him some constructive
> >advice then don't send anything at all.  You all need to calm down and
> >get a grip.  Do any of the rest of you see this?  More often than not
> >there are a lot of people that send in dumb questions or things you may
> >think are easy.  Obviously they DO NOT think that way or they wouldn't
> >have had to seek your advice.  Thanks to Oleg here I don't know why
> >people even come to this listing for help when they get crap like this
> >sent in reply.  What a waste of all our time and bandwidth.

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