Re: Apologies to all [in regards to a prev post]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

> Honestly, people are way to uptight about the authenticity of
> code snippets, or what nots from what I've seen. Sure give credit
> where credit is due, but once the snippet is in your code and you
> begin to place your own modifications into the snippet, it's fairly
> safe to assume that yes, it's original author deserves credit, but if you
> also refer to it as "your" code, it's not like your saying hey, the author
> can jump off a cliff, I am constantly referring to my mud project as my
> code, and feel that I should be free to do that, as long as I take time to
> accredit the authors who have graciously donated to the CircleMud cause,
> ie. My credits file says it all.

        If in case you didn't read the 'readme' for any patches, etc, that
I've put out, you should.  They're usually pretty funny.  I think they
also indemnify you from any sort of 'code theft' claim - most say you can
do what ever you want, upto and including claiming you wrote them
yourself.  If yah need that boost, go for it, script kiddy.

        In other news, I was asked recently to provide a copy of the
dynamic boards code which is referenced on at ( however, doesn't
have a patch.  A perusal of my own sources show that I don't have a
ready-to-order patch myself, and I don't feel like searching and unloading
swarms of backups.  If you do happen to have this code in it's original
form (v2.2 is the most recent) please submit it to the circlemud ftp site.


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