Apologies to all [in regards to a prev post]

From: Jeremy Maloney (riodan@cyberspace.org)
Date: 06/19/00

I'd like to formally apologize to the others on the list for
my rude and uncalled for language in response to another member
who was fairly quick to assume I was some sort of code thief.

Honestly, people are way to uptight about the authenticity of
code snippets, or what nots from what I've seen. Sure give credit
where credit is due, but once the snippet is in your code and you
begin to place your own modifications into the snippet, it's fairly
safe to assume that yes, it's original author deserves credit, but if you
also refer to it as "your" code, it's not like your saying hey, the author
can jump off a cliff, I am constantly referring to my mud project as my
code, and feel that I should be free to do that, as long as I take time to
accredit the authors who have graciously donated to the CircleMud cause,
ie. My credits file says it all.

Over many many years, I have helped those in need with mud code, even
helped new muds get started as a temporary helping hand... I however do
not feel that I need to have my name mentioned in the credits because I
look upon the CircleMud community as a community of game enthusiasts who
just want to make Muds and enjoy themselves or simply put, we're one big
hopefully semi-happy family of gamers and dreamers.

Once again, Kudos to Tony R. and Hats off to all CircleMud brothers and

J. Maloney aka Riodan

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