Re: Gate spell [CODE]

From: Del (
Date: 06/19/00

Jeremy Maloney wrote ORIGINALY:
> Hey all, I'm still after several months fiddling with this damnable
> gate spell I coded in and I need an idea as to what to put in to
> remove or purge the gate once you enter it. Mind you this is a spell.
> The primary function of the spell is of course to open a gate to a
> location and then after those who want to enter, enter the gate,
> and the caster steps through, the gate should immediately vanish.

> What I suggested were changes to the code (Tony Robbins gate/portal spell code) which already is set up to remove the portal when the timer gets to 0. The enhancement (my suggestion) would compliment that, removing the portal instantaneously when the caster steps through. It's obvious you guys didn't read the code, which is located at

I know the code is setup to remove the portal after a length of time.
I added in a portal code very similar, with the ability to "look in
to see the other side.
The original message states that they want the portal to be removed when
the caster
steps through. Nothing mentioned about leaving the original removal
Hence I went on that basis, and my statements stand. I recommend not
making the
portal disappear when the caster steps through. The caster will
never step through the portal, defeating the purpose.

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