Re: float value object weight

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 06/20/00

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From: Brian Williams <>

> When I make an object weight out to the decimal, say 2.54 or something and
> then save it to disk, it only saves to 2.00.

There are several places in the code you need to change.  While you may have
already changed certain intances of decimal to float, you need to make sure
you change them all.  This specifically includes the object parsing
functions in db.c and any functions that write the object data back to disk,
such as in OLC.  Also, check out the stat object functions in act.wizard.c,
the "locate object" spell, and other places where object information is
displayed.  These functions won't change the value, but will display the
improperly rounded-off value.  Good luck.


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