Re: float value object weight

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/20/00

> Hello list, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with this task.
> I've been playing with it, but I can't quite seem to get one thing to work.
> When I make an object weight out to the decimal, say 2.54 or something and
> then save it to disk, it only saves to 2.00.  I've already modified the save
> code to write out as a float variable, which ^^^^ is showing.  That also
> seems to be the problem, however, since it should save as a 2.54 by the same
> reasoning.  It rounds to 2 decimal places (%.2f), which may be the problem,
> but I'm not sure.  I also modified the parse_object code to read the float
> variable from the object file, but that isn't the problem either, because it
> is only read upon boot-up, and the value rounds off on the save side of
> business.  Anyway, I'm not sure which section of the code is the crime
> section or I'd post it, but if anyone could help me figure this out, thanks
> in advance.  I'm stumped.

        You did change the structure type to floats as well right? You've
converted your rent files to allow for the additional room required also?


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