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From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 06/20/00

Nate Winters wrote:
> I could have sworn I had seen a post about this before, but could not find
> it. I like the way trigedit automatically saves upon exit and was wondering
> why none of the other OLC editors do the same. I can think of only one time
> in all my mudding that I did not wish to save a change I made. Could someone
> tell me if there are pitfalls in doing this? Reasons why it wasn't done
> before? Thanks in advance.

We just had a conversation on this topic in the last 5 or so days. Some
it is a bad idea, some say it's a good idea. Hoever, I have not had any
proof of any bad ideas on it. Some say it may cause lag too much. If
that's the case
then my suggestion would be to add a "Do you wish to save to disk?".
For those who quick edit, and don't want it to save automatically. It
should be
a standard part of it anyway. If the save to internal was executed, then
save to disk should be an option.
I put it in (as did one other) and it appeared to me (and someone else)
that the
lag, slowdowns were not noticeable.

To sum it all up, my opinion stands that it will not effect the mud to
have it
save to disk by any noticeable amount, even when doing multiple rooms.

If anyone is interested, I can possibly toss up a small mailer code (or
they are called) with the question to save to disk option. That way,
those of you
sending those multi-commands can opt to not save till later.

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