Gate spell [CODE], New Armor Setup, Etc.

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 06/20/00

Heh, I thought I'd post something about the gate spell, since it's being
attributed to me.

I didn't write it originally, and if I didn't put that in the readme, I'm a
code thief.  I took code that created gates, and as I recall, made it so
here was a portal item that could be used more generally.

I haven't bothered to see if I referred anyone in the readme or not, so I
really don't remember.

Back in the day, I asked, pleaded, and begged with every bit of code I
released to be put in the credits, or whatever.  I'm not sure why a person
would really be concerned with that, at this point.  The only thing it ever
got me was roped into helping on someone else's MUD for way too long when I
should've been working on mine.

Anyway, if I wasn't credited, I don't mind, and if I was, well, I don't mind
either. :)  It was a noble cause, Brandon, but there's no use trying to
a dead law, so to speak.


New Armor Setup:

I've been coding again, now that I'm trapped in Smalltown, U.S.A. again.

Just thought I'd share what I've worked on:

I changed it so that armor was more than just an AC value:

First of all, wear flags don't matter for armor anymore, because there are
specific types:

(v0)           (v1)         (v2)                         (v3)
HEAD -------+- CAP          ARMOR RATING                 DURABILITY
BODY        +- COIF         (ranged depending on type)   (currently unused)
FEET        +- ...

Positives:  armor can be varied, but is based on some fixed values.
            this helps with setting cost.
            can set up restrictions based on armor type for class
                    (thieves won't wear plate armor, etc.)

Negatives:  can't (easily) make strange equipment like "an anything", e.g.,
                    which can be worn on any equipment slot.

I'm doing something similar with weapons as well.  I'm not sure exactly what
the effects of this will be, but I thought it would be something new and
different.  Any thoughts?

In case you were wondering, I also tossed in some random effects based on
new stats I've set in my MUD.  You can make "PROTO"-flagged weapons and
which will then be degraded or upgraded semi-randomly, while depending on
stats of the killer of the mobile which carries it.  This works similar to

The reason for it?  I think it will create a weapon and armor economy,
instead of everyone looking for a specific bit of armor, random variations
standard equipment may pump out a better piece of equipment.  People can try
to keep upgrading their character's equipment by hunting more and more.



Uhm, I lied in the subject.  I don't really have anything to put in etc.
such a liar...  (sigh)


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