Oasis OLC v1.6b

From: Tony Robbins (robbinsw@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 06/20/00

Hey all,

I decided to try out CircleMUD 3.0 bpl 17 with Oasis OLC v1.6b.

I'm running into that damn "zedit new" crash that people used to have
problems with, but I can't find the fix in the archives (and I've been
searching for 3 hours).

If people can provide me some hints, I've been debugging this for hours (I
get anything from malloc() errors to crashes).

I also tried using Oasis OLC v2.0's create_new_zone and related routines,
but this allowed me to create a new zone, but the new zone would ALWAYS be
put at the end of the list.

Here is the code related to that:

  RECREATE(zone_table, struct zone_data, top_of_zone_table + 2);
  zone_table[top_of_zone_table + 1].number = 32000;

  if (vzone_num > zone_table[top_of_zone_table].number)
    rznum = top_of_zone_table + 1;
  else {
    for (i = top_of_zone_table + 1; i > 0 && vzone_num < zone_table[i -
1].number; i--)
      zone_table[i] = zone_table[i - 1];
    rznum = i;
  zone = &zone_table[rznum];

In the if (...) check, we always reach the first case; vzone_num (the number
which one types in after zedit new) is always greater than
zone_table[top_of_zone_table].number.  If I try to put log() statements with
the values of variables, it crashes.

I'm using CygWin b19 which has an annoying graphical GDB (that crashes more
often than the MUD), so I can't really get debugger output at the moment.

Thanks guys,

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